Artist Statement

“Art is an extension of our passion, appreciation of beauty, and mystery of visual interpretation. When certain images appear inside of me, I cannot contain them, and must express my vision through my brushes. Once the inspiration is flowing, it cannot be stopped. Like the One who created us, it is a spiritual experience to see my artwork unfold before my eyes.”

“I am always fond of watercolor. Since I was a child in China I often paint artwork with a brush on rice paper. Because I’m a professional interior designer I would use watercolor renderings to convey my design ideas to my clients. It was a very helpful tool for the client to understand the proposed design.”
“I found myself drawn to painting portraits with both classical and  contemporary techniques. Portraits intrigues me because through them I can capture the moment of how they feel, when painting their facial expressions and  the depth in their eyes.”

“When it comes to spiritual art, I was driven by the holy spirit to paint the images that were in my head. It is an in depth spiritual experience to see the final painting before my eyes.”


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